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Year 3/4: 2013-2014

Outdoor Learning - Now that the weather has started to improve, we have been undertaking lots of outdoor activities linked to our science.

Willow Tunnel workshop with Mandy Coates. Year three and four enjoyed a workshop to create a willow tunnel within the developing school garden recently.

Pancake Day in year three and four. The children made the perfect use of Pancake Day to learn all about reversible and irreversible changes. The only problem is that they kept eating the evidence of their studies!

Fire Safety Visit - The fire safety officer for schools came to visit us to talk about how we can stay safe at home.

Here are some photos from our residential trip to Pentre. As you can see we had a great time and experienced lots of new things. CD's will soon be available to order from school to see the rest of our adventures!

We would like to introduce you to our year 3-4 pet rabbit, Socks! His name was chosen by Adam in year 3-4 through a raffle competition. We like having him in year 3-4 as we get to learn all about how to look after him. We laugh as he likes to eat alot but is a bit lazy. We are trying to encourage him to exercise more!

We have been participating in a new P.E. unit to develop our adventurous skills. It has been our favourite so far as we get to go on the climbing walls and develop our team building and problem solving skills.

Here are some photos showing our language and literacy learning

Year 3-4 maths learning

For our outdoor P.E. lessons this year we have been playing netball, then hockey. Here are our first experiences with these sports.

We have been learning all about the Tudors! This includes building Tudor houses, making and eating Tudor broth, creating Tudor inventories and learning all about life during Tudor times. We have recently been learning about Tudor explorers and Tudor crime and punishment!

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