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Our School Vision and Principles

Our Core Principles

At the heart of everything we try to achieve at Ysgol Clawdd Offa, we have the following motto which is underpinned by a number of principles. We want to nurture one another to achieve happy, successful and fulfilling lives. We see this as:


‘Learning As We Grow' - 'Dysgu Wrth Dyfi'

Our principles are that we believe in:

  • having high expectations;

  • developing positive attitudes;

  • giving equal opportunity;

  • taking responsibility for our actions;

  • caring about the environment and each other;

  • treating others the way we'd expect to be treated ourselves

Our School Vision

Our vision is a statement of where we want to be as a school – our aim, our ambition. A vision should be aspirational and a case of ‘our reach exceeding our grasp.' Through our principles, our aspiration for Clawdd Offa is contained in our school’s vision:



‘To strive to give the best opportunities and experiences to children, in order that they nurture one another and go on to achieve happy, successful and fulfilling lives as active citizens in their local communities and the wider world.’